Secrets To Blog Outreach Campaigning Like a Pro

Tips For A Successful SEO Blog Outreach Campaign

There is no denying the fact that search engine optimization has evolved a lot over the past few years. Google has continuously updated its algorithms to enhance the quality of their search results. Cementing their longstanding domination of the search world as pointed out by this article:

Despite all these changes, one thing that has remained a constant when it comes to obtaining high rankings in the SERPs is the number and quality of links from other authority domains. The only thing that has changed is that the quality of links matters a lot more as compared to the number of links. This is what makes blog outreach such an important tool in the hands of an experienced search engine optimization expert.

If you are looking to get high-quality links for your website, here are a few tips on how to run a successful Blog Outreach Campaign.


If your idea of SEO blog outreach is to send out as many emails as possible without doing any kind of homework, you have set yourself up for failure right from the beginning. In fact, sending out emails without doing any research is likely to do a lot more harm than good as most established bloggers will consider it as spam and may block you even if you have something good to offer. So, research is the foundation of a successful blogger outreach campaign.

The key is to find bloggers who regularly write on topics related to your industry. One of the ways to find such bloggers is through various social media networks, especially Twitter. Most bloggers are active on Twitter as well as Facebook. Use the search function on these social networks to find out bloggers who are active in your industry. Check their personal website as well as their published works on other authority websites to make sure that they are the right fit for your outreach campaign.

Guest Blogging Networks

One of the most common misconceptions related to Google’s crackdown on guest blogging is that they do not like any kind of guest blogging. That’s simply not true. Google simply hates obvious black hat search engine optimization campaigns in the garb of guest blogging.

It’s good for you as it has brought some sanity back to this field. These days, there are several legit guest blogging networks where you can discover bloggers who are open to guest blogging opportunities. Join these networks to discover several well-known guest bloggers in your industry.

Guest Blogging for Traffic

Another common misconception associated with guest blogging is that it is meant only for getting high-quality links from other authority websites. Instead, your approach should be to post high-quality articles on other websites in order to get highly targeted traffic from other authority domains.

This is the reason, experts recommend posting your highest quality content on other websites in order to grow your brand authority and get good links. So, do not submit poor content only to get links but focus on getting targeted traffic from other websites. In the process, you will get a lot of valuable links as people love to share high-quality content.


Needless to say, you need to personalize every single email sent as part of your blogger outreach campaign. Well-known bloggers are always in high demand. You should assume that they receive dozens of such emails on a daily basis.

If they even suspect that the email you have sent is from some automated system, it will end up in the trash. In fact, your follow-up emails are also likely to go straight to the trash. So, make sure that you personalize every single email.

Keep It Short

As mentioned above, well-known bloggers are busy which means they are unlikely to read an email that contains a big wall of text. Keep your message short.

Subject lines matter a lot as this is what’s going to get them to open your email. There are thousands of resources online including swipe files from some great marketers. Use such resources to create a subject line that generates curiosity and gets them to open your email.

Offer Them Something Unique

If you want your blogger outreach campaign to be a success, it is important that you offer something unique to them. If you are introducing a new product, point out the new technology you are using and other things that differentiate your product.

Do not send your product to them for free without first communicating with them. You are unlikely to get their attention if you do not communicate with them even by giving them products for free.

Start with Pre-Outreach

Pre-outreach is one easy tactic that will increase the chances of a successful blogger outreach campaign. You can do pre-outreach by following them on various social media networks, by commenting on their articles, by linking out to their blogs, by subscribing to their email list and other such things. Follow it up with some interesting emails and you are likely to get a good response.


Overall, the key to a successful SEO blogger outreach campaign is having a strategy in place before you begin your campaign. If you are unorganized and start sending emails to every blogger email address you could find, it’s unlikely that you will taste much success. Begin with a strategy and follow the above-mentioned tips in order to get highly targeted traffic and quality links from your blogger outreach campaign.

The Future of SEO

The king is dead! The king is dead!

It’s funny. Never in my career as an SEO have I ever not heard someone, somewhere screaming at the top of their lungs that Search Engine Optimization was going to become a thing of the past before we knew it. The time has never come. And frankly, I don’t see it coming anywhere in the horizon.

We all know that search engines are essential to the way we consume the content online. It’s at the epicenter of what is the internet. Without it, navigating the web would be either hopeless or tediously unbearable. Probably both.

As long as that continues to be the case, SEO will live on.

I think we know that, though. The real problem isn’t the longevity this industry boasts. Or even the quality of it’s merits. What gets people all up in a fuss is that not everyone understands how to do this thing we do effectively. It’s almost like black magic for most people. And it’s something that the big search engines have mystified quite effectively. I mean, why would they want people to be able to manipulate their system after all. It’s not up to them to get you to understand how their system works.

In fact, it’s the opposite. They want (most) of you to struggle ranking organically so that you’ll have to pay up or shut up. That is unless you have real valuable content that most people want*